A drag by Jenna


The serenity of your lips over me disheartens me


I’m enslaved by this wait

Give me a response and end me this suffering

I beg to be freed.


My heart floats in wait for your response

Like a disembodied spirit has it wondered

Smile upon me and open-up thine lips to my plea

Tell me this once if you care.


I wouldn’t wanna be accused of impatience

Neither do I wanna be accused of false intentions

My love for you blossoms in wait for your predisposition

Tell me if this feeling is mutual.


Were your eyes a tool of deception?

What I saw, my soul cannot get over

What enchantment have you embalmed me with?

The colors were brighter than the sky.


Silence frightens my soul

It sends the spirit of my eyes to the dark side

Utterly removing every stance of light

Let your lips speak the colors in your eyes.



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