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A drag by Jenna


The serenity of your lips over me disheartens me

I’m enslaved by this wait

Give me a response and end me this suffering

I beg to be freed.


My heart floats in wait for your response

Like a disembodied spirit has it wondered

Smile upon me and open-up thine lips to my plea

Tell me this once if you care.


I wouldn’t wanna be accused of impatience

Neither do I wanna be accused of false intentions

My love for you blossoms in wait for your predisposition

Tell me if this feeling is mutual.


Were your eyes a tool of deception?

What I saw, my soul cannot get over

What enchantment have you embalmed me with?

The colors were brighter than the sky.


Silence frightens my soul

It sends the spirit of my eyes to the dark side

Utterly removing every stance of light

Let your lips speak the colors in your eyes.


Why Nigerian Citizens Evade tax?


The government has a duty to ensure that its citizens’ physiological needs and safety needs are met, and also has a duty to help its citizens’ meet their love, belonging, and esteem needs. In addition, the government must ensure that it is fiscally responsible and that all of its activities are carefully monitored and sustainable in the long term through employment and population patterns. Wiki Constitution

In recent times, it has become a culturally accepted practice for the government to generate additional revenue from taxation. By functional definition, Tax is simply a national accounts’ provision for deficit budgeting.

The government of every country generates enough revenue to ensure the provision of social amenities. Hence, the excuse of unmet needs of basic social amenities among citizens is an anomaly. It is, therefore, the sole duty of the government to provide social amenities of which has long-term sustainable results. First world countries are simply countries who have provided social amenities for its citizenry. These social amenities are the major drivers of industrialization.

Since the civil society has surrendered their right to fend for themselves to the government for the common good of every individual, the government, in turn, owes certain duties and responsibilities to the civil society. These responsibilities and duties of the government are something most people are not aware of.


Obligations of the Government to Citizens

Obligations of the Government to Citizens
Duties of the Government to Citizens

Below are the fundamental obligations the government of any nation owes its people

#1 The Maintenance of Law and Order

Obligations of the Government to Citizens

Since citizens surrendered their rights to fight and ensure self-justice to the government, it is therefore the duty of every government to ensure that law and order is maintained in a State and that offenders are punished according to the tenets of the constitution. The Government ensure law and order in a state through the forces (police, army, marine, etc.) and the courts

#2 The Protection of Lives and Properties

Duties of the Government to Citizens

This is the most challenging among all obligations of the state to her citizens – the protection of lives and properties. The government is obligated to protect the lives and properties of all her citizens including citizens residing abroad. Right to life is the pillar of the fundamental human rights and every good government should help her citizens nourish this right as this right ensures the continuity of government.

#3 The Provision of Social Amenities

Conventionally, Government generated revenue from the taxation, international trade gains and other local transactions is channeled to the provision of social amenities for the citizenry. This is a core obligation of a responsible government. Such amenities include construction of good and accessible road networks, building well equipped and up to date health care systems, provision of adequate electricity supply to sustain and enhance productivity, building of schools to enhance literacy, etc.

#4 The Promotion of Economic Growth and Development

The government of any state must promote growth and development at the economic level. The fulfillment of this 4th obligation flows from the 3rd point. To ensure, the promotion of economic development, certain economic environments must be conditioned. E.g. Financial Access Ease and Flexibility, Stable macroeconomic and political condition, policies that enhance business operations, etc. More so to the promotion of economic development, effective fiscal and monetary policies that promote growth and development should be put in place.

#5 The Protection of Human Rights

Protection of Citizen’s constitutional rights is a must for government. This could be achieved through an independent judiciary in order to arbitrate without bias.



#6 The Maintenance of External Relations

Securing strong economic and political bonds with the league nations is another obligation of government. Government must be able to secure good external relations with other nations in order to guarantee a safe and peaceful co-existence between her citizens and the world.